Efficient And Impactful Technology Transfer Process.

Beyond Project Management Solutions

Execute your own quality projects within a short time. No prior project skills required.

How We Can Help You?

Tprah Ltd, a leading international innovating strategic planning group provides “next level” strategic solutions and consulting management services. Project management, value analysis, training and consulting are our major expert deliveries to our customers.

Project Management

Effective application of project management processes, retention of employees and cost reduction. 

Project Value Analysis

Project value analysis using cost reduction strategies to effect customer bottom-line positively. 

Which Industries Benefited Recently?


The banking and securities industry have benefited immensely from the programs recently.


Healthcare institutions increase in overall value including employee well-being improvement.

Energy Management

Meeting your energy and greenhouse CO2 emissions management business objectives.

Information Technology

Information technology keeps in check growth traumatization of company's cash flow, staff, production and more.

Tourism And Travel

Cost reduction strategies, a value analysis tool saving the travel industry substantial amounts of money.


Government institutions rely on effective project management processes.

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I have taken MBA classes but this next level project management that Tprah offers surpases them all. I think all my upper management staff need to come through this training that Tprah offers.
Derrick Boateng
Project Manager
I have never been in any workshop like this before. I am learning so much. This program will definitely benefit my entire organization.
Institutional Representative
Project Coordinator

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