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Tprah supports market oriented business formulation by investing in economically viable enterprises in emerging markets.

About Tprah

Our Business

Tprah Ltd, established in 2003 is dedicated to stimulating economic growth through practical training in emerging markets. The company has specialized expertise in creating joint-venture partnerships.

The business was founded on the belief that global economic growth is critical to private enterprise. Our consultancy focuses on developmental change in emerging markets. We serve as a business facilitator to leverage government resources, American private sector investment, and technology.

Tprah is headquartered in Accra, Ghana and has worldwide strategic affiliates that includes KPH Corp of Nevada USA, a management company.


Tprah Ltd aims to be the worldwide leader in people development and maintain next level in innovation, quality and execution at all times providing competitive and unique products, value and services for our customers in social groups, private and Government institutions. We target developed and emerging market economies with potential for greater economic growth.

Management Team

Tprah Ltd is managed by a group of managers and consultants with a wealth of knowledge, training,technical and non technical experience. Diversity in cultural business practices from Africa, Europe, Asia and America (United States, Canada and Mexico}. The latter is part of our strength. The team brings added knowledge through it’s well established international affiliates.

Team's Corporate Management Experience

Our 6-D Process

Planning And Design

Conceive agreeable statement of work with all stakeholders and execute a quality design plan for the product or service.

Management Processes

Efficient practical project management processes employed to keep project functional, quality and on time.

Value Analysis

Team ideas generated and prioritized using efficient cost reduction strategies and re-engineering techniques to increase value.

Project Implementation

After thorough analysis, and try outs of product or service, the project is released and implemented.

Continuous Improvement

A process is established to continue improving each project or service  provided immediately after launch.

Customer Service

All clients and stakeholders are kept updated about project status timely and frequently from project inception to implementation.  

Why Choose Us?

Establish Project’s statement of work that  identifies critical features, structure, plan and deliverables with criteria for meeting all requirements.

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“Next Level” strategic solutions that builds capacity in practice in the areas of Project management and value analysis for all  industries. Backed by combination of American technology, Asian work ethics and African innovation and brilliance.

Ato Awotwi, Luis Baderas-Ariza , Kwesi Amegah, Henry Azariah, Dr. Michael Roberts, Kate Davis, KPH Corp board members, Tprah partners and board members.

 Cost reduction strategies, six sigma techniques, taguchi methods, value engineering concepts,best project management tools and software.

Ato Awotwi, Luis Baderas-Ariza , Kwesi Amegah, Henry Azariah, Dr. Michael Roberts, Kate Davis, KPH Corp board members, Tprah Board members.

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Corporate, government, private entity clients participate in Tprah high profile capacity building training.

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