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Tprah supports market oriented business formulation by investing in economically viable enterprises in emerging markets.

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Energy and Greenhouse Emissions Management

Meeting your energy and greenhouse CO2 emissions management business objectives requires a partner who knows the culture of the host country and also has the right project management and value added skills to efficiently help you meet your goals. Tprah Ltd offers Effective Management based on years of practical experience. Energy and greenhouse CO2 emissions management services are offered to both private and non-private organizations and government institutions.

What We Provide

Management services that includes partnerships with domestic and international agents.for monitoring projects.

International Engagement

We work with international agents willing to sponsor energy and greenhouse emissions projects turnkey operations in Ghana and other countries in the sub-region.

CO2 Evaluation And Monitoring

Evaluation and recommendation of CO2 emissions management agents,monitoring and ensuring of proper data analysis and project reports as well as recommendations of viable projects

Electric Cars Reduce Emissions

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