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Tprah supports market oriented business formulation by investing in economically viable enterprises in emerging markets.

We Transcend All Industries

Tprah Ltd’s increasing role in the areas of project management and value analysis transcends the limitations of one industry. Infact, our world class functional experience backed by over 50 years of combined practical successful practice has already benefited most of the industries.

Financial(Banking and Securities), Government, Legal Entities, Real Estate, Healthcare, Non-Government Organizations(NGO’s), Asset Management Firms, Automotive, other service and manufacturing companies share in our step-by-step approach.

A number of added innovative strategies are kept off the public domain to starve off the competition. Using the right processes within a functional framework and participating in our step-by-step approach programme, project management can be applied across different industries.

Our use of high profile knowledge and partners with several industry and cultural practices bring our clients more value. Above all, industries that have used Tprah Ltd’s consulting expertise and participated in project management seminars, workshops and tailored made programmes attest to the exceptional value and benefits that Tprah Ltd brings.

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Industries Benefiting


The banking and securities industry took a beaten worldwide a few years ago.


The healthcare industry has seen very little turbulence but rather seen study growth.

Information Technology

Information Technology for growing your business and cutting cost.

IT Construction

The IT Construction industry has been associated with the use of project management principles.


Project Management and Value Analysis strategies enrich's the oil and gas industries.


Government institutions and their agencies need project management application knowledge.

Tourism And Travel

Project Management integrated with value analysis applies to the tourism and travel industry.


Project management in the auto industry is super essential from design inception to implementation.

Successful project today uses strategies and technology

Tprah supports market oriented business who want efficient project management and increase in their financial bottomline. 

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Tprah's Top 8 Industries

Tprah’s top eight industries effectively and successfully applying Project Management and Value Analysis techniques include the following below: Healthcare,Financial, Information Technology, Tourism And Travel, IT Construction,Government Departments,Automotive,Transportation and Energy.