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Tprah Ltd, a leading international innovating strategic planning group provides “next level” strategic solutions and consulting management services. Project management, value analysis, training and consulting are our major expert deliveries to our customers.

Project managers are empowered to apply the principles of  Project Management and Value Analysis. Practical principles used include resource management, cost management, project planning, project work and development for institutional productivity.

Project Management

Effective application of project management processes, retention of employees and cost reduction. 

  • Delivery of project on time
  • Achieve project goals and within budget.
  • Cost management and control

Project Value Analysis

Project value analysis using cost reduction strategies to effect customer bottom-line positively. 

  • Effective cost reduction
  • Financial bottom line increase
  • Employee retention 

Which Institutions Qualify To Take Advantage?

Institutions comprise of the following; Financials, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Government, Energy Management and other private and non-private institutions. Primary focus for these institutions is progress in their overall economic health.

More importantly,  we also protect the institutions by making them aware of the harsh realities of economic downturns and how to mitigate potential setback situations.

Training and workshops

Capacity Building Projects

Planning And Design

Quality statement of work specifics and establishment.

Management Processes

Practical execution of management disciplines for successful projects.

Value Analysis

Practical application of cost reduction strategies.

Implementation Processes

Processes required for successful launch of product or service.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous incremental processes for technology change or bottom line increase.

Customer Service

Providing high quality professional help to clients.

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Why Energy institutions Management Tool ?

The implementation of the new legislation regarding Greenhouse Gas Emissions calls for high priority toward greater corporate and governmental social responsibilities. This requires the use of appropriate project management tools and solutions to track and manage air emissions, monitor progress and data reported by contract project managers.

Our Mission

Tprah’s mission is to provide and support market oriented business solutions for economically viable enterprises in emerging markets. Read More