Value Analysis

For All Industries

Tprah supports market oriented business formulation by investing in economically viable enterprises in emerging markets.

Project Value Analysis

For effective application of project management processes, retention of employees and cost reduction, project value analysis using cost reduction strategies are vital. Lean, six sigma method analysis must be practiced along side the practical application of value analysis. Services are provided to all institutions.

Workshops, seminars and follow-ups are employed to encourage the application of the processes for management efficiencies, employee retention opportunities and cost reduction. With the use of practical approach in our workshops, participants generate, evaluate and prioritize viable ideas which are worthy of implementation. The end result is an increase in the financial bottom line of institutions. The process;

  • Strategic Planning
  • Execution
  • Positive End Result
  • Financial Bottomline Increase


Take the first step by getting your employees into workshops that offer training in the practical application of effective value analysis methods using cost reduction strategies without sacrificing quality and function.

Listen to raw testimonial video clips of some of Tprah’s clients.

Listen to raw testimonial video clips of some of Tprah’s clients.